Now is the time for us to cast our comparing eye over the pictures painted by Florian Pelka (Berlin) who, bored by the beautiful virtual reality of fashion, has also lowered the temperature of his paintings (fig. 38). Even though Pelka´s pictures are full of conspicious signals, they show themselves as zones of an extreme lack of narration. He avoids any kind of narrative pretence, he shows us, with great clarity, the manipulity of the age and aura, reflection and paranoia – without denying history, although this, consumed by fame, more often appears as chyronized science fiction than as an Ariadne´s thread leading through life. Pixel after pixel, brushstroke after brushstroke, the observer is put into a precarious situation. Those things which were previously steadfast stipulations, cornerstones of everybody´s identity, are now, all together, nothing more than a handful of Bengal lights in an ocean of data streaming around us.